UK Plugs

Moulded, non-rewireable, rewireable, rough use, euroconverters

European Plugs

Schuko (straight & angled), class 2 contour, 2.5 amp

International Plugs

Australian, Danish, Israeli, Italian, North American, Swiss, South African

Customised Cable Accessories

Weiland, Bulgin, Neutrik, Duraplug, in-line switches

Rewireable Plug Accessories

UK, Schuko, 16amp, 110v & 240v

IEC Plugs & Connectors

Male & Female, angled & Straight, 2.5 amp, 10 amp, 16 amp, Jumper cords, 'Y' junction, inlets

BS 1362 fuses

Bulk packed, Blister packed

Extension Leads

1,2,4,6 gang - length to order, Surge & Spike, Switched, Fused

Cable Reels

Full range of 240v 110v, 25m & 50m metal frame reels, retractable reels, rcd's fitted as required

Spiroflex Cables

6 amp, 10amp & 13amp multi core specials

UK & International Powercords

Powerlink Components have over 30 years experience in the powercord and associated electrical industry. We are agents and distributors for a number of electrical component manufacturers, and also specialise in the design and in house assembly of connection systems to your requirements.

For further information please contact David Holt / Graham Young at:

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Fax: +44 (0) 1706 222016